Test method details

GeniusVerus Light database ID detailed explanations:

0001 – Unique number, EACH tested flashlight or studio light or bulb have unique number, you always can find it at GeniusVerus Light database via this ID.

First letter – Type: [F]lashlight classic; for [B]icycle; for [S]kating and skateboarding and riding with mount on helmet; for [M]otobike; for [C]ar; for [H]ouse; for [P]rofessional using; etc.

Second letter – Portability: [U]ltracompact (can fit into small pockets); [C]ompact Pocketable (can fit into medium pockets like at jacket etc); [P]ortable (can be easily carried in 1 hand, but cannot fit into jacket pocket); [S]tationary (cannot be carried for a long time, but can be moved from one place to another place); [F]ixed (can not be moved).

Next letters – Purpose: [H]eadlight; [R]earlight; [T]urn signals; [W]orking; [C]amping; [S]pecial; [V]ideography; [O]utdoor; [U]nderwater; etc.


GVL-001-BPHR – [B]icycle light [P]ortable with [H]eadlight with [R]earlight;

GVL-002-BFH – [B]icycle [F]ixed on bicycle frame with [H]eadlight;

GVL-003-FPBH – [F]lashlight [P]ortable also can be used as [B]icycle [H]eadlight;

GVL-003-BPR-out – [B]icycle [P]ortable [R]ear light [out]dated.

Also you can always fast search for need light by those letters like “BFH” etc.